Fellowship Service​
Sunday, October 1st.
Guest Speaker: Minister Greg Mitchell


Bible Class
Saturday, October 7th
10am - 12pm

Poetry by:
Bro. Calvin Rochelle, Jr.

I may not be suited and booted 
Every day I stay getting persecuted 
He had a death wish on my life but,
 God wouldn't let him execute it 
Knowing it’s not in my clothes or a title but by His spirit 
The word is here up to me to hear it 
Apply it to my life and never fear it 
It's no limits in you ‘Oh God 
When I hear your promises all I can do is nod 
Knowing He’s never slack 
He equipped me with what I need to make an impact 
So I can help to redeem the lost back 
And show them how to stay on track 
The devil sees me as an easy win or a light snack 
But I refuse to go out like that 
God left me a weapon and I'm ready to attack 
Satan I got the victory, you don't and that's a fact 

Bro. Calvin Rochelle, Jr.
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